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If you find OkMap useful, please help support it.
It's quick and easy to support OkMap financially.
Your financial support is used to software development and for testing.
Thanks for wanting to make a small donation of even a few euros.


Before to download OkMap, read the end user contract.

The list of changes made in the latest version of the software is here.

Description Version Kbytes
OkMap - GPS Mapping software x86/x64 10.12.2 39.418
OkMap User manual March 30, 2014 7.509
OkMap Map Converter 1.2.0 215

Hardware requirements:

  • Windows based systems (x86/x64)
  • Pentium processor with 400 Mhz or equivalent (recommended 1 GHz)
  • 128 MB RAM minimum (recommended 512 MB)

Software requirements:

Used software/libraries:

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