Mountains AR the augmented reality to discover mountains, peaks and summits around you.


Would you like to know the names of the mountains around you?
Mountains AR is an augmented reality software that can give you the answers you need!
Point your iPhone towards the scenery and you'll know all the peaks information you are observing.

Useful to those who make trekking, biking, climbing, skiing, camping or just nature lovers.

It works completely offline and internet connection is not required (except to show map).
Coverage of the entire world! Over 570,000 peaks.

AR engine optimized for all camera models.
To improve accuracy move iPhone as to draw a picture of the shape of an 8.


AR Mountains

  • Augmented reality to know the mountains around you
  • Manual aligment of peaks dragging on the screen
  • Setting the distance range and minimum altitude
  • Photo of the panorama you are observing

Other functions

  • Information on the status and data received from the GPS
  • Compass
  • Sortable list of mountains with search function


  • Mapping functionality to show peaks on different types of maps
  • Compass map orientation and map scale
  • Follow user mode
  • Automatic rotation mode
  • Calculate distances on the map
  • Geographic grid display
  • Search for a mountain on the map
  • Find address
  • Search for the coordinates
  • Coordinated information